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Kingdom Culture Music Reviews: Leave This Place

Leave This Place – Bizzle feat Musiq Soul Child

music review

The 'hood may not be what we made it, but it's what we keep it

Bizzle is always perfection on a beat, and this is not an exception. He masterfully crafts versus for realness. This is a slight departure from some of his other work in that his faith is implicitly stated as he is reaching out to those in the ‘hood.

Musiq Soul Child’s silky tenor glides over the track and makes you sing-along with him before you realize the depth of what he is asking which is if you had $1M in the bag would you leave the hood. It’s sounds like a simple yes, when you consider the violence, lack and despair that is often celebrated but not eradicated, and this is the point that Bizzle’s flow makes over the mellow track by CLIfeOnTheBeat.

Bizzle lyrics explore the cause and effect of the indoctrination of violence for those who don’t want to get caught up but still find themselves trapped. Yet, they fear the repercussions of calling for help. So, what happens when they are the prey? Bizzle doesn’t offer any solutions in this song, he merely illustrates the tribulations and forces us to come up with our own remedies.

When I heard the second verse, I felt chills because I have heard the conversation so many times of folks bragging about the murder and violence in their hood and cities. My own city was known as “Fort Murder Worth” and a lot of people thought it was a badge of honor around here. “Fightin' over last place, how we came up Braggin' 'bout the same stuff we should have been ashamed of.” He has love for the ‘hood but not how we continually allow it to degenerate in to desolate memes.

This song has a lot of great imagery and will make a dope video. Can't wait to see it.


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