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IMRSQD added a lot of sauce to my playlist. His music gave me a flavor that I didn’t even know my ears were craving. His sounds are not the typical 808 and high-hat driven hip-hop beats. It’s a fusion of sounds influenced by his British centric roots with an acoustic flair. His latest project Encantado, with Moflo Music and Sammie Lee, just kept me anticipating the sound of the next track.

  • There are sounds of the islands on tracks like King Loui.

  • There are smooth R&B and jazz vibes like Glory Two-Step.

  • Then you will hear a track with a nostalgic disco vibe called Lifetime that makes you want to grab your skates.

  • ·Then there’s the classic Hip-Hop tracks like Wrist, of course.

This rich tapestry of sound is paired with dope lyrics that are surgically executed taking praise and worship to a new level. His music feels good to the ear and the spirit.

While there is no such thing as perfection, my ears are still in too much in awe to be critical. Make sure to add him to your playlist too. IMRSQD jams!

Let me know what you think.

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