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Kingdom Culture Music Review: Shine on by Dee1 & The Game feat. Des Monroe

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Shine On is a song the reflects life’s duality of joy and pain as well as endurance and exhaustion. In other words, it’s about life. It is a heavy song, but the hook sung by Des Monroe captures the reflective, melancholy mood of the lyrics while providing a glimmer of hope and encouragement to press on. Instrumentals on the track execute this theme of duality with the softness of the piano carrying the melody that seems to represent joy, but the splices of electric guitar are interruptions of pain. The drumbeat provides the continuous rhythm of endurance.

Dee-1 and The Game are fascinating on this track as each draw from their own personal well of strength and motivation to move through their grief. Their relatability and authenticity make this song easy to embrace by the faith-based and secular audiences. Sometimes this type of features raises an eyebrow, but this collaboration makes sense, especially as Dee-1 addresses the duality in his own heart.

Favorite bars:

  • Dee-1“I don’t have the answers, but I have a calling. I still wear my crown even when my tears are falling…”

  • The Game“I would cry, but why bother when life is like this…”

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